Qi Gong Facilitators Training Course [WITH CERTIFICATION]



 Empower Your Healing Practice and Become a Certified Qi Gong Facilitator and Make a Lasting Impact

Let me walk you through what this course entails. Our curriculum combines online modules, followed by an in-person component in Lisbon, Portugal in order for you to be a certified qi gong facilitator. Throughout the course, you’ll have access to 12 months of online resources, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit the material whenever you need.

  1. Online lessons: Complete 22 interactive lessons covering topics such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chikung/Qi Gong, energy points, and breathing techniques.
  2. Online Qigong Classes: Enhance your practice with 12 virtual Qigong classes for in-depth learning and skill refinement.
  3. Ongoing Online Classes: Continue your progress with two live Chikung classes per week for three months.
  4. Evaluation: Apply for an online exam to demonstrate your understanding of Qi Gong principles and techniques.
  5. In-person 5-Day Training: Immerse yourself in a transformative training experience in Lisbon, gaining hands-on practice and personal instruction.
  6. Diploma: Upon successful completion, receive an accredited diploma recognized by the Healing Project and affiliated with professional associations.

What is included in Online course with certification:

  • 22 online lessons about Qi Gong
  • 2 Supervised sessions for guidance and support
  • Access to a exclusive Facebook group community for further interaction
  • Booklet providing additional resources and information
  • In-person 5-Day Training – Immersive yourself in a transformative training experience in Lisbon, gaining hands-on practice and personal instruction.
  • Evaluation to access your knowledge and skills
  • Diploma upon successful completion
  • Lunch and coffee break during the in-person training
  • 15-minute complimentary massage
  • 24 lives – 2 lives chikung classes via Zoom every week for 3 month
  • Self-Chi Nei Tsang protocol for Thai abdominal massage- a detox abdominal massage
  • Oriental self-cleansing exercises and purifying bath recipes
  • Chinese body diagnosis techniques
  • Qi ball system for energy cultivation and manipulation


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