Therapeutic QiGong Training Course

 We provide professional training in Qigong through a combination of retreats, and weekly classes.

About QiGong training course

Qigong is an ancient energy art originating from China. QiGong is based on 3 main principles: breathing, concentration and movement. By using them all together, the practitioner trains the body and mind by unlocking stagnant energy and redirecting it to the place where it is most needed .

ChiKung  leads to greater inner peace, harmony and wellbeing as well as better physical health. ChiKung improves the functioning of the immune system and is excellent for the prevention and recovery of illness. It is also used as tool to increase consciousness and promote personal and spiritual growth.

Therapeutic QiGong Facilitators course

LEVEL 1                                                          12 week training program , 5 day retrear in the Algarve

 In the level 1 Facilitators training you will learn one of two key forms

  • the 12 movements ( yi jin jing) 


This level  will be held also in retreat  in Portugal, taught in English.  The training lasts 5 days

The 5-day programme will include the following main subjects:

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