Therapeutic Chikung Facilitators Course ( Retreat)



Get ready for the transformation!

For 12 weeks we will be together online and in-person learning about qigong and how to deliver a class.

We will start with the foundation course. That will be 18 lessons online where you will learn the basics of qigong.

Then we will meet in the Odiáxere in the Algarve. For 6 days we will be together in Vale da Lama, an eco-resort where I will guide you through the movements and teach you how to deliver a class.

After that week you will return home and attend to 2 Qigong Zoom classes per week. A total of 12 classes. During that period your performance will be accessed.

When you are ready you can apply for your exam and  finally get your diploma

In this course you will get:

  • Foundation module -18 online lessons ( mandatory before the retreat)
  • 5 Day training retreat
  • 12 online classes via Zoom ( after the retreat)
  •  Online supervisions
  • Diploma


a)Complete Course and retreat Fee: 1500€+ VAT 23% = 1845€

b) 5 installments : 399,75€ + 4 x 399,75€ – For this plan click here!


The price includes: 

  •  The course (18 online lessons+12 practical zoom lessons+ diploma)
  • 6 nights of Accommodation
  • 3  Vegetarian meals a day
  • Coffee break

The price does not include:

  • Flight
  • Transfer to and from the airport. But we can arrange the transfer.





Therapeutic QiGong Training Course

 We provide professional training in Chikung through a combination of workshops, retreats and weekly classes.

About QiGong course

Qigong is an ancient energy art originating from China. QiGong is based on 3 main principles: breathing, concentration and movement. By using them all together, the practitioner trains the body and mind by unlocking stagnant energy and redirecting it to the place where it is most needed .

ChiKung  leads to greater inner peace, harmony and wellbeing as well as better physical health. ChiKung improves the functioning of the immune system and is excellent for the prevention and recovery of illness. It is also used as tool to increase consciousness and promote personal and spiritual growth.

Get ready for the transformation!

You are invited to a 6 day retreat that will transform your life.

Immerse yourself in this experiment that combines learning therapeutic Qigong in nature, self-healing through Chinese medicine, massage and more.

Organically grown food from the garden.

You will combine leisure with learning a new skill or deepen the knowledge you already have in QiGong.

The retreat will be held at Vale da Lama an eco resort in Odiaxere ( Algarve) away from the turistic areas and at 1h from Faro aeroport

QiGong Facilitators course

LEVEL 1                                                          12 week training program + 5 day retreat in the Algarve

 In the level 1 Facilitators training you will learn one of two key forms

  • the 12 movements ( yi jin jing)  or
  • the 18 movements ( Shiabashi)


This will be held also in retreat form in Portugal and taught in English.  The training lasts 5 days

Within the 5 day programme the following core subjects will be taught:

Additional information


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