Jade Egg

The use of the jade egg or polished jade stones, dates back to Ancient China and to the time of the Emperors. It is said that this practice was taught in the palace to the empress and concubines so that they would remain good lovers and continue with a youthful appearance.

Jade is a hard, non-porous stone that has the particularity of balancing  hormones, prevent impotence and promotes fertility.
The perineum is an area where a woman easily loses energy, especially over the years. The PC muscle (Pubococcigeno) is a strong muscle that supports the base of the body, but if  not exercised, it loses its tonicity, and lets out the energy. The PC muscle or pubococcigeno loses its tonicity as we grow older, after childbirth, after long periods in the seated position, following chronic constipation, very active sexual life, etc. As a result, energy in this area is lost and may result in the following physically symptons: general tiredness, lack of will, inertia, low libido, weight in the lower abdomen, incontinence, sphincter discontinuation, spontaneous abortion, ptosis or uterine depletion, and or bladder, low self-esteem, little desire to live. Jade egg exercises,in addition to improving and strengthening the Pc muscle, balance the hormones, clear blocked energy at the level of the fascia of the internal genital area, help unblock the fallopian tubes, strengthen the organs.  Jade egg exercises are recommended from the beginning of the active sex life. It should however be practiced more frequently in the postpartum and in the menopausal phase. In effective, as a coadjuvant  in the treatment of polycystic ovaries, hormonal disruption, menstrual cycle regulation, uterine fibroids, etc. It is a safe therapy in cases of  trauma in woman by  sex abuse or rape.

How to choose the size of the egg? The most common size is M (Medium size), however in a postpartum case, or in the case of many vaginal deliveries, L (Large size) can be used. For young adolescents or for those who master the technique, an S (Small size).

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