Fascia I
Fascia the aponeurotic formation that covers  muscles, organs, nerves, veins and cells of the body. Its function is, among others, to synchronize the movements of the body, ensuring good communication between muscles, organs, nerves and between these and the skeletal and bone system. It separates, supports, binds and protects all parts of the body.

This three-dimensional web of living tissue changes according to the needs of the body. It is a web of information exchange that influences and is influenced by all the structures and systems of the body. The fascia covers muscles, bones, nerves and organs, extending even at the cellular level.
It stores our joys and pains, through its work, we are able to correct not only the posture, but to release emotions retained in certain areas of ​​the body.

Poor physical and mental posture, day-to-day pressures, emotional shocks, setbacks, stress, traumas, etc., cause tensions at the fascia level, thus hindering the free flow of energy in it, as well as in all the systems  it covers, resulting in physical and or psychological problems or pain.

The touch and respect for the human being together with our mental posture are very important aspects when working at fascia level . Listening to the body and giving space for it to express itself is fundamental.

Fascia therapy makes use of gentle stretches to unlock blocked energy in the body.

This workshop teaches you how to work the fascia of the whole body. To use the fascia in certain physical and emotional pathologies and to incorporate it together with other therapies.

  • Treatment of all superior fascia support;
  • Treatment of the fascia according to the posture ;
  • Treatment of the superficial fascia of the abdomen;
  • Specific treatment of the neck and release of the diaphragms.

Fascia II
The fascia consists essentially of connective tissue of collagen, the fibers of which intersect in a grid pattern (45 degrees). Strong collagen fibers combine with elastin fibers to varying degrees. While the collagen fibers can be stretched only up to 5% of their length those of elastin can be pulled in the opposite direction up to 150% of their length.

This workshop will address the various forms of work with fascia and its application in specific pathologies.

We will cover the work of Myers, with his view of the meridians of fascia and Schwind, with the various areas of the body and the relationship between muscle and fascia.

  • Evaluation of the deep layers of the anterior part
  • Evaluation of respiratory movement in the retroperitoneal area
  • Evaluation of the transmission of respiratory movement to the skull.
  • Treatment of deep fascia and intercostal membranes
  • Treatment of the upper section of the fascia of the anterior rectus abdominalis muscle
  • Treatment of the fascial division between the anterior serratus and abdominal oblique muscles (lateral of the chest)
  • Treatment of sternoclavicular attachment
  • Treatment of the posterior section of the scalene fascia
  • Treatment of the sternum and transverse thoracic muscle
  • Treatment of cervical thorax transition
  • Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Treatment of fascia lata
  • Treatment of Whiplash Syndrome


Chi Nei Tsang
Detox massage to the internal organs
This massage is part of the Universal Healing Tao system.

Chi Nei Tsang means " energetic massage to the internal organs"  through the abdomen. Obstructions to internal organs can result in simple knots or a tangle of knots in the abdomen.

This massage, of Thai origin, began in the Taoist monasteries, aiming to help the monks to detoxify, strengthen and refine their bodies for their spiritual practices. The abdomen is the point of convergence and control of the vital force of the organism. It flows into the meridians, nervous system, blood vessels and lymph glands. Concerns, day-to-day tensions and stress build up in the physical body and cause obstructions that can be felt as "knots" that form at the level of the nerves, arteries and lymphatic system. This results in the gradual obstruction of the energy system at the level of the abdomen. These blockages can give rise to conditions such as indigestion, constipation, abdominal bloating, insomnia, general body intoxication, skin problems, difficulty in losing weight.

Chi Nei Tsang then  aims to unblock these nodes by allowing free movement in the organs to re-establish themselves. It helps  relaxation to occur and promotes healing through techniques applied directly on the navel and the rest of the abdomen where toxins and negative emotions can accumulate, causing restriction to the free flow of chi.

In the West, this zone is known as the second brain. The Taoists call it Tan Tien. If this area is congested, the energy of the whole body will be blocked. Since this area is very linked to emotions, the application of CNT proves effective in the release of negative emotions, tensions and diseases, bringing well-being and relief to the abdominal zone, as well as vital energy to the internal organs. CNT is very effective in treating digestive problems such as: irritable bowel syndrome, swelling and constipation, eliminates toxins at the level of the gastrointestinal tract and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Chi Nei Tsang is part of the Healing Tao system and combines Chikung with massage and meditation techniques.

This training is divided into 3 weekends.

1st weekend:
  • 6 healing sounds
  • Inner smile;
  • Anatomy of the abdomen;
  • Belly button;
  • How to capture energy;
  • Energy protection of the therapist;
  •  Iron shirt chikung;
  • Use your hands to diagnose.
  •  Different techniques of hands;
  • Opening of the gates;
  • Skin Detoxification
2nd weekend:
  • Aperture of the diaphragm;
  • Large intestine;
  • Small intestine;
  • Liver;
  • Spleen,
  • Kidney,
  • Lung,
  • Stomach,
  • Heart,
  • Bladder
  • Sciatic nerve.

3rd weekend::
  • Review
  • Lymphatic system.
  • How to use CNT in case of common pathologies.

This training is intended for all those who dedicate themselves to massage as a therapeutic art, and who wish to deepen or have a different view of the human being as a whole.

Certificates passed in these courses can be used at Tao Garden Thailand (center of Universal Healing Tao in Thailand) further the training of this system.

Chi Kung
Therapeutic Chikung Instructors Course

Professional course with a duration of 3 years distributed by 9 seminars per year
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Regular Classes: Classes are open to anyone wishing to improve their general condition, increase their body awareness, relax, unlock, increase their energy, increase concentration or simply for those who want to try a new modality.

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18 Movements, Yi Jin Jing, Wu Dan
Wednesday: Universal Healing Tao System. & Healing Sounds, healing smile. Tantien Chikung, Iron Shirt

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