My path into the Oriental Arts and Massage began in 1995 at the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal, where I did the Shiatsu Massage training.

In 1997 I started working with Clive Radda,  organizing his workshops in Portugal. With him I learned several body techniques : Shintai, Dorn Breuss, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Fascia. More recently I have been working with other types of techniques, such as Chi Nei Tsang, which I learned from the Taoist Master Mantak Chia in Thailand.
Touch is something I take very seriously. It provides direct access to the person's interior. If there is confidence in the touch, the person gives us permission (unconscious, most of the time) to touch the soul, which can be of great responsibility.
Over the course of my journey as an "TCM specialist" I have seen the benefits of combining massage with acupuncture, at both physical and psychological level. The different types of massage can and should be applied depending on the type of person, their openness to these areas and / or presenting pathology .
In my treatments, I usually try to use a mixture of the various techniques, personalized to the individual.
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