Psychospiritual Coaching course

What is Life Coaching and Well Being?

This course is founded on a model of Psychospiritual Psychology (Psychosynthesis) but also integrates traditional models of coaching alongside evidence based motivational and behavioural approaches. It very much works with modern and ancient technologies of Being, Healing, Growth and Action.

Psychosynthesis has been called a psychology of the Soul with its focus on Self (The essence of our Being) and Will (The driving force of life). It is concerned with all that we are and can be and in particular it works with the Pre personal (History, trauma and early development), the personal (the level of the personality where most traditional coaching operates) and the transpersonal (Super conscious, highest levels of human functioning). In this form of coaching we understand that doing needs to be grounded in Being and that action that is aligned to values and purpose will bring about greater satisfaction with life.

The training will be very practice based and experiential and will develop your ability to establish a relationship that supports others to identify, plan and achieve their goals and directions in life whether this is about establishing new patterns of behaviour, improving wellbeing, navigating a life transition, managing recovery or improving work performance. You will train to listen deeply, enquire with appreciation, help others to overcome areas where they are stuck and focus the energy of Will. 

The course can be taken as a personal development course but for those that want to practice coaching you will be required to practice, attend supervision, read and complete some course work. You will be certified through the Healing Project and Damian Grainer Coaching. This course is aligned to the requirements of the Association of Coaching (AC) and will be submitted for full accreditation later this year. You can apply to join the Association of Coaching individually and this course will act as evidence.



Experiential Introduction



Weekend 1 - 16-17 March

  • Introduction and overview
  • Tri-focal vision
  • ACT Matrix
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing
  • Introduction to the Act of Will
  • Values and Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Barriers to execution
  • The nature and development of Resilience
Coaching Skills and Interventions


Weekend 2 – 23-24 March

  • From lived experience to professional application
  • Presence and Being in relationship
  • Appreciation & Deep Listening
  • The Art of Compassionate Inquiry
  • Building the coaching container
  • Session structure including T-GROW
  • Marketing
Coaching Psychology


Weekend 3 – (27/28 April)

  • The model of Psychospiritual Development
  • Working with the Pre personal
  • Working with the Personal
  • Working with the Transpersonal
  • Using ACT within a Psychospiritual Context
  • Trauma and Mental Health Recovery
Coaching Skills and Models


Weekend 4 – 25/26 May

  • The 5DL Model & Leadership
  • Transforming Mind Sets
  • Working with Sub-Personalities
  • Will and Motivation
  • Psychodynamics in the Coaching relationship
  • Family & Organisational Systems
Working with deep Change and Group Coaching


Weekend 5 – 6/7 July

  • Life Transitions
  • Group Coaching
  • Presentations
  • Endings

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