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It´s called the Healing Clinic and is located in the  Clinic of the Chinese Medicine School, Lisbon.
The clinic specializes in Chinese medicine for Gynecology and Andrology.
In the last 5 years our team of Gynecology and Andrology specialists at the Traditional Chinese Medicine School have helped countless women and men overcome their problems. We think this is the right time to launch a new initiative: the opening The Healing Clinic.

What is Gynecology and Andrology in Chinese Medicine?
They are two specialties of Chinese Medicine, the first approximately 520 years old and the second with about 40 years of existence. These specialties integrate both Traditional Chinese and Allopathic Medical approaches. The contribution of Chinese Medicine is it´s millennial wisdom in diagnosis and treatment, while the allopathic medicine contributes with the most modern techniques of examination, imaging, clinical analysis, etc.

What to expect from a Gynecology consultation in Traditional Chinese Medicine?
The consultation follows the same procedures of a Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation (anamnesis, observation of wrist and tongue) but with greater focus in the gynecology area and an analysis of western medical exams.
The treatment includes acupuncture; massage; food and nutrition counseling, physiotherapy and possibly Chikung exercises. The duration of the consultation is 1.5h.
In a gynecological consultation the patient is not observed internally but may be asked to be observed outside if the problem is in that area.
In Andrology, the genital area is usually not observed unless the problem is external and in this specific area

1. Gynecological Consultation: Infertility, preparation for IVF / ICSI's, pregnancy monitoring, labor inducing , labor recovery
2.Massage: Abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang); massage in pregnancy
3. Vagi-spa: vaginal steam bath. It aims to deep cleansing the uterus, helps unlock the fallopian tubes, prepares the body for natural or artificial pregnancy, physical and mental well-being. Helps to make the connection between mind and body
4. Follow-up with Chinese dietetics.
5. Follow-up with Chikung
6. Physiotherapy Prescription
7. Thermography exams
8. Life counseling

The services provided in this clinic do not exclude the follow-up made by a Gynecologist, Obstetrics or Andrologist.

Other recommended services: Doula, Gynecologist, Obstetrician
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